PESTATERMITE cc also specialise in large scale government work, covering all recognised Pests in the domestic and industrial sectors. All Integrated Pest Management systems (IPM) are tailor-made to suite each departments specification.

Please feel free to contact us or send us your scope of works required for a competitive quotation.

PESTATERMITE cc is registered under the following:

CSD (Central Supplier Database) – Reg: MAAA 0339305

VAT number: 4200158170

Company Registration number: CK1996/020096/23

Income Tax number: 9540186849

PAYE number: 7120764818

Letter of good standing: Workmans Compensation: 990000189755

B-BBEE Certificate: Level 4 (certificate number: EMP25042017EME1000051)

Eskom Vendor number: 11070583

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