Mole Crickets Control

Mole Crickets Control

Mole Crickets Control

Eliminate Mole Crickets from your home with Mole Cricket Control & Pest Control Services. We service Gauteng, Limpopo, North-West, Mpumalanga and Cape Town surrounds.

Much like Parktown prawns, mole crickets are described as the stuff of many homeowners’ nightmares. Known for causing considerable damage to lawns, and are particularly attracted to areas with a thick build-up of old and dead grass material, also known as lawn thatch. It is here that they will dig into the soil and make their home.

Mole crickets can be hard to get rid of, especially once they reach adult stage. For this reason, it’s better to trust a professional pest control company with the specialised tools and products to effectively eliminate the infestation.

PESTATERMITE cc offers complete mole cricket control and lawn treatment solutions to eliminate these pests from your home and yard.

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How to keep mole crickets away

Practise standard lawn care: A preventative approach to avoid mole crickets is to keep your lawn healthy by using the right fertiliser, maintaining an appropriate mowing height, and clearing away grass clippings and leaf piles immediately.

Also monitor areas around decks and patios as well as near trees and bushes for signs of mole cricket nests. Catching an infestation in its early stages is key to removing them easily, before they cause any damage.


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